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Here you can get artwork beyond the extraordinary in the style of #letterscapes, produced by me, @madssonne.

Section 1:

Digital Products - Printables

This selection are printable posters, where the foundation and starting point has been my artwork, fragments, details of original work.

These digital products are the work of #letterscapes, and the extra lines, characters, details or even scenic landscapes has been generated by an AI in a visual conversation between me and the AI.

Section 2:

Analogue, original paintings - canvas, paper, cardboard etc.

These works are original #letterscapes, and therefor unique and one-of-kind. Some of the works functions as a starting point for visual conversation in a digital art space, while others tells their own Story.

The range of sizes are from A4 (21x29.7cm), A3 (42x29.7cm), 50x70cm and larger sizes.

Added layers, combining the abstract and concrete.

I dont sign the works in the lower right corner, because its up to you, the viewer to choose from which angle, it is most inspiring. Upside down, sideways, vertical, horisontal, the choice is yours

Thank you for visiting and for your attention

Mads Sonne

#letterscapes #analoguevibes #abstract

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Letterscapes - udstilling / "passion & purpose"